I’m Suzie!

Today I am a really happy Suzie!

DSCF0063I’m Suzie and today I am a really happy Suzie!  I got to go on two walks with my human Daddy and I LOVE walks!  It was a little bit cooler today, so my second walk didn’t have to be quite as late in the day.  Hooray!  Of course, I was ready to go all afternoon, but Mommy and Daddy worry when it’s hot outside.  They are afraid I will get burned feet.  Mommy told Daddy he should put his hand on the pavement to check first, just to be sure it’s okay to walk.  We didn’t get to go quite as far because we couldn’t go our regular way.  That barking little bulldog was out there and the minute we started out the door, it started in barking loudly.  So Daddy took me a different direction so we wouldn’t get close to that noisy dog.  I thought we made friends a few days ago, which made me and Daddy happy, but after we checked each other out from head to tail, that darned dog started barking loudly at me and Daddy.  We had to get out of there really fast then because neither one of us wanted to have that darned dog attack us.  Today the dog quit barking when we didn’t go near it, so that was good.

Tonight Mommy cooked chicken tenders with teriyaki liquid on them and I got to have some little bites of it too.  I really liked it a lot!  Of course I would have liked to have a lot more than I got, but I was happy to have anything I really like.  Oh, I like a lot of things that they have!  I even eat little bits of veggies if I have meat that I like.  Once in a while they have something that I don’t like, or dogs shouldn’t eat, so then Mommy gives me some ham or chicken like we had at lunch that day.  I guess she saves some for me and I’m always happy about that!

Today I kept listening for the mail truck, but Mommy and Daddy told me today was a holiday and the mail truck wasn’t coming.  I wasn’t sure about that, so I did keep listening.  I guess maybe they were right because I never did hear it.  Did I tell you before, I tell them when the mail truck goes by, and I tell them when the alarm clock starts to ring too.  That makes them happy and I love helping them.

I’m so happy every morning when we go for our walk, and then Daddy brushes me after we get home.  Mommy tells me how pretty I look when we come in.  I like that!  When it’s raining we don’t get to go on a walk because I don’t really like to walk in the rain.  But it’s been a little while now since we had rain, so we have been on lots of great walks!  Even though Daddy and I are both getting older, I sure do love those walks!  I am happy Suzie most of the time!

I’ll write again soon — as soon as Mommy can help me again!



I’m Back!

A lot is always going on!

DSCF0064Well, I’m back — finally!  My human Mommie has been soooo busy lately she told me she just didn’t have time to tell our story for a while.  It seems like a lot is always going on!

I don’t think I’m going to get my second walk today because it’s 104 degrees outside right now!  Mommie and Daddy said it’s too hot for both Daddy and me to go walking!  We did get to go this morning when it was still only in the 70’s.  I’m sure happy that we have air conditioning because our home is nice and comfortable.  I can spread out on the carpet right under the ceiling vent and enjoy the nice cool air!  I know just where all of the cool spots are, and when I’ve been outside to go potty, I can go spread out under any of those nice, cool spots when I’m back inside again.

My human sister’s fiance Marion was here a few days ago and saw some hornets or wasps going in and out from behind the shutters by our kitchen window.  He sprayed some special spray into there and some dead wasps fell out, and then, to everyone’s surprise, a couple of bats flew out and flew away.  None of us could figure how they even fit in that little, tiny space between the shutter and the siding.  Wow!  That day was pretty exciting!!

A few days ago when Mommie and Daddy went shopping at Costco, Mommie brought me home a little piece of her hot dog.  When they go there I don’t mind too much because I can always look forward to that treat when they get home.  One time Mommie forgot about the piece of hot dog in her purse for a couple of weeks.  Then when she found it she said she had to throw it out because it might make me sick.  I don’t like to get sick, so I didn’t get too upset.  Now, though, I try to remind her when they get back home again, because I can smell the hot dog when they come in the door.

When Mommie and Daddy are watching TV I get pretty excited when I hear someone whistle or when a dog barks.  Mommie always tells me that is just on “some silly ad.”  Sometimes I’m not really sure she is right because it sure sounds like it’s real and there is either a person or a dog right in our living room!

Mommie spends quite a bit of time on her computer, so I like to lie near her.  That way I am ready to spring into action when she turns off the computer and gets up to do something else.  It usually means she is about to fix some food for all of us.  I always get a little taste of whatever they are having and I really like that!  They always laugh when she tells Daddy that his plate is ready because I come running really fast in case there might be something more for me.  You know, maybe she forgot she already gave me my taste!

Well, it’s really time for a nice nap under the air vent, so I will be back again as soon as Mommie can make some time!



Today I’m back!

It’s Me, Suzie, telling you my story!

DSCF0063Hi, everyone!  It’s me, Suzie, with my human Mommie’s help, telling you my story.  Mommie has been so busy that we didn’t get to write as often as I would like, but, today I’m back!  I have to tell you — there are certain things I really don’t like.  The vacuum ranks pretty high in my dislikes!  It really worries me a LOT!   Mommie and Daddy try to tell me that it won’t hurt me (or them!), but I am just not convinced.  I am sure happy when it’s not being used!!  Oh, I do have other dislikes too, but the vacuum is something that I have to be around oftener than rain, thunder, firecrackers, and other noisy, scary, annoying things.

I have lots of things I like too.  I LOVE burgers of all kinds!  I don’t care if they are made from yummy beef, or tasty turkey or chicken, or even “fishy” salmon!  I love them all!!  Mommie said she read that dogs don’t usually like fish of any kind, but I don’t think a dog wrote that, because it’s wrong.  I do like most kinds of fish, or maybe it’s just the way Mommie cooks it.  If she tells me we are having any kind of burger, I hang out near the kitchen to be sure she remembers to fix a little for me.  I think if she sees me, she will know that I want some!

Mommie and Daddy think it’s “cute” the way I like to lie somewhere nearby when Mommie is working on her computer.  Of course, when we are working on my stories, I have to be nearby.  Other times, if Daddy is in the shower, or sleeping, or outdoors, I just like to be near Mommie.  I have to let her know if I hear anything I think I should tell her about.  She tries to shush me, but if it is some other dog barking, or a sound I don’t recognize, or anything I think I should warn her about, I bark pretty loudly.  She tells me that everything is okay, and that there is no reason to bark, but I just know better.  She just doesn’t realize there could be something “bad” nearby!  She tells me it’s “clear outside” and we are “in the house nice and safe,” but I don’t always agree, and I usually have to have the last “word” (or bark) in those “discussions.”

Sometimes Mommie talks on her little computer (I think she told me it’s called a laptop).  My Uncle Jim and Mommie talk on that laptop with something she calls Skype.  I like to listen, but when Mommie tries to show me where Jim is, I get very nervous because I can’t find him.  She turns her computer toward me, but I go around back of it looking for him.  How could he be in that little thing!  It’s so flat and small, he just can’t be in there!  It’s not like the big TV where I can see dogs and cats and people.  Sometimes I even get kind of nervous with the big TV, because if there was really a dog in there, wouldn’t it come out into the living room so we could play?  Mommie and Daddy tell me I’m pretty silly, but I think they are the silly ones and I’m the one who really knows what’s going on!

Well, I missed my nap when the vacuum was running.  So, now that the house is quiet again, I think I will take a nice nap.  I’ll talk to you pretty soon again.



My Game!

Oh, yes, I even have more than one game!

Hi Everyone, Suzie here!  I’ve been having fun teasing Daddy, but he doesn’t look like he thinks it’s as much fun as I do.  I tell Mommy that I have to go out, then I look over or toss my head toward Daddy, so she will tell Daddy that I need to go out.  So then, after he gets up and walks over to “my chair” to get my leash, I follow him, and as he reaches for me, I hop and skip and dance away from his reach.  I am really having fun teasing him!  Then, if I have any food or biscuits left, I eat, watching to see that he is waiting for me to come back to him.  If he puts the leash down or goes into another room, I go lie down and watch for him to come back, so I can play my “game” with him all over again.  I don’t know why Daddy doesn’t think that’s a fun game, but I sure do!  I like to play that game at least once a day, and some days I even do that several times.

I have another game that I sometimes play with Daddy.  When he takes me out, sometimes I just wanted to go look around.  Once I see there is nothing out there to interest me, I head for the house.  Daddy doesn’t seem to think that is having fun either.  I sure do though!  I only do that game once in a while.

I am actually having fun when I tell Mommy to tell Daddy I want to go out.  If Mommy isn’t in the room and I really need to go out, I do tell Daddy, but it’s really more fun to “talk” to Mommy and have her tell Daddy what I am saying.  She guesses really well when I talk to her!  Sometimes Daddy either doesn’t understand what I am telling him, or sometimes I think he wants to ignore me, so I go tell Mommy then too.

I have yet another game I like to play.  While Mommy and Daddy are eating I go find one of my favorite balls; I especially like the squeaky ones.  Then I run around playing ball by myself for a few minutes right in front of them so they can see how much fun I’m having.  Then I toss the ball to one of them.  Usually I toss it on the floor near them, but a couple of times it went up higher and almost landed in their food.  They didn’t think that was too good, so then I have to give up playing while they finish eating.  I can sense when I’ve done something that wasn’t good, even without them scolding me.  Most of the time that game goes really well though, and when they finish eating they do throw the ball for me, until I get tired and go lie down.

Well, I think I’ll go lie down for nap now, so Mommy and I will write more again soon.



happy-dog-owner1-300x225-1Dogs and Owners!

The relationship between an owner and his/her dog is determined by a number of factors.

Pack instinct

Through the domestication of dogs they still retain their primitive instincts. Every dog belongs to a species that led a communal life. In every dog pack there is an order of rank and each member of that pack knows and accepts his or her place. There is only one leader who watches over, guides, disciplines and commands followers. The leadership will only be challenged by other members of the pack when the leader has shown to be incapable of leading. The domesticated dog still retains pack instinct. The dog must take its place in a pack which has human members. An owner must become leader of the pack. The owner must not only be the leader but also a friend. Owners should adopt an easy going nature. Dogs will develop mentally if their owners understand and appreciate their dog’s mental capabilities.


Although a dog recognizes differences between moods in a leader, a dog does not understand the reason behind the mood. A dog will become extremely unhappy when its leader is in an unpredictable mood. During training exercises, the owner must control their moods of anger or frustration, which avoids confusion and insecurity in their dog.

Fear scent

When humans are subjected to panic or fear, adrenalin goes into the blood stream and produces a specific odor in the sweat. A dog’s nose can detect this odor and the dog will immediately sense superiority. This can be a reason why a dog may become aggressive around a nervous human who is attempting to handle them.


There is a difference between canine and human intelligence. The difference is a dog thinks in terms of mind pictures. Each mind picture stimulates the next without any mental effort. People who do not accept the differences between the human and canine mind, will never be as successful when training dogs as those people who understand the psychology of a dog. When a dog carries out a positive action on their own accord, it is not because their brain has solved the problem, but because of some previous action that has provided the stimulus to the next. Dogs receive impressions through senses and respond with an action.

Territorial instinct

A dog in a wild state had community or pack maintained control of a particular area or territory. This territory had clearly defined boundaries which members of neighboring packs respected. Boundaries were defined by urinating on trees and grass. This indicated to other dogs where one territory ended and another began. In the domesticated dog, these instincts still remain.


Temperament in the dog is modified to various degrees by such characteristics as aggressiveness, timidity, laziness and alertness. Although temperament is largely governed by inheritance, certain characteristics can arise from experience. Nervousness, for instance, may be the result of earlier bullying or wrongfully applied training. Most dogs, regardless of temperament, have a capacity for teamwork and acceptance of training. However, the owner must understand the temperament of his/her own particular dog and train it accordingly. Although training methods are laid down, they must be adapted to suit individual dogs.